Introduction to Dance

Monika Kwik

Kundalini Tribal Dance

Dancer Monika Kwik (Chinmayi) has many years of experience in different styles of dance. Mainly she specializes in the kundalini tribal belly dance style and Indian fusion style in which she performs and gives training. She has studied Egyptian, Turkish & tribal belly dance and the classical Indian dance “Kathak”. She has developed techniques combining the different styles to create a unique performance of oriental and folk elements. As well she has adapted yogic hand gestures (“mudras”) into it. This gives an interesting and innovatory style, which based on traditional and classical dances is expressed with adaptations to the modern style. Dance is a sacred expression in which deep emotion is reflected in a dancer’s movements and feelings, this touches the soul of the observer.

Dance workshops are an energetic synchronization of movement, breath with awareness of the inward processes and an open awareness of the surroundings, by specific principles harmony and beauty can be created, which are visible in the expression of dance. Everything is an energy and the rhythm is like a beat of the heart, which give impulses to the creative energy, through which transformation to a new potential can take place.

During the classes we learn about positions, which gives an awareness of geometry in the body and creates balance. Practice helps to open to oneself with confidence of the consciousness in the body and this develops awareness of beauty which comes through the feeling and movement. At any age you are welcome to find yourself through dance and create an expressive way of connecting with the Soul. Through the practice comes an awareness of different parts of the body, release of the blockages and during the training one receives an insight to one’s own energetic system. It is about being and expressing yourself with unlimited potential.

Monika (Chinmayi) organizes workshops and performs in festivals and events. You can contact her here.

The path of Goddess

Join us for a 9-day trip to one of the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent. Varanasi (Benares) is located by the river Ganges, occupies a central place in the Hindu world pilgrimage tradition. The ghats in Varanasi are steps on the banks of the river, they are associated with imysterious legends and mythologies. Many yogis, ascetics, and masters, including Buddha lived and taught here.
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