Monika Kwik - Yogini Chinmaya

“Once you get a glimpse of your true nature, who you really are, the whole world changes”

Monika Kwik

Spiritual connection

Upon my first contact with spiritual practice techniques, I didn’t have any doubts that it was the right path for spiritual development, and this knowledge confirmed the words of my Master Barbara Macidłowksa (www.sigilpokusa.pl) who is a spiritual Master of many different spiritual disciplines.

In 2009 I completed the teacher training for kundalini yoga in “SKY” a school of Yogi Bhajan tradition, afterwards I decided to travel to India to search for a teacher (Guru) of an old tradition of kundalini yoga.

Kundalini yoga

Shortly after my arrival to Varanasi (India) destiny guided me towards Pandit Shri Arun Kumar Sharma (www.arunkumarsharma.com), who during his later years initiated me into the tradition of Shaktism. GuruJi guided me through the stages of traditional yoga & tantra sadhana, unfolding the secrets of the old spiritual discipline tradition to which I committed my life. Due to experiences on this path a new dimension of yogic practices has opened to me.

Through my Ph.D. studies I am involved in scientific research on different states of consciousness, on the path of sadhana as a tool for transformation towards human development.

My masters

“When your Shakti is awakened, all the past impressions and karmas come out”

Barbara Macidłowska

Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. Teacher of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Tarot Reader, Slovenian Magic. Individual consultations (Tarot, Numerology, Aura Reading, Reiki therapy). More information on website: www.sigilpokusa.pl

Guruji Pandit Arun Kumar Sharma

A 12 years old boy used to read a weekly article “Kundalini Shakti” in “Dainik Tribune” a Hindi newspaper of Haryana. Since then there was a burning desire in his mind to meet “the great author”. But what he knew about the author was – only the name “Pandit Arun Kumar Sharma” and the city “Kashi” (Varanasi or Banaras). Yes, it was me who finally reached him after 21 years.

I could not meet him because I did not have his contact number or address or any of his book. I tried to find the same from newspaper, searched over internet but I had to wait for 21 years till my fate allowed me to get his contact somehow. After meeting him first time in Nov-2009, I realized his greatness and wanted him to be my spiritual guru. The great author, great yogi “Pandit Shree Arun Kumar Sharma” of Kashi accepted my silent request. One year later in Sep 2010, I was so much fortunate that I got a chance to live very close to him for 15 days.

I have read his 16 books on yoga-tantra. Each and every line of all of his books is unbelievable but absolute truth of his spiritual life. They are written in the form of auto-biography or self experienced miraculous stories. Each book depicts a wonderful philosophical, scientific, spiritual and social explanation which is difficult to find elsewhere. Simple, yet scintillating language of each of his masterpieces is a jewel on the path of spiritual literature and enough to move one’s thought process.

“There will be so many persons like me” I thought and hence created a small website dedicated to Pujya GuruJi so that other can also get benefited with Guruji’s vast knowledge,

Life time experience of mysticism, yoga, tantra, miraculous saints etc. quoted in his books. Though he never wanted to tell about his materialistic life, I collected a few facets of his life during my stay with him. With his blessings, I am putting those for all who are in search of “Truth” and want to understand or know the “Mysticism of Life”.

My sincere apologies for any kind of mistake while writing all these. – A sewak of GuruJi

from website: www.arunkumarsharma.com



To any concerned party,

I, Aughad Pīr Kapāl Nāth (Ian E. Heath) of the Nāth Sampradaya, Natheswari Pundt, am writing this with regards to my friend and fellow yoga practitioner, Monika Kwik (Yogini Chinmayai) and her relation to Srī Arun Kumar Sharma of Varanasi, India.

I was privileged enough to have spent time both with Yogini Chinmayi as well as her Guru Srī Arun Kumar Sharma while living in Varansi during my time in India 2010-2011. In the time I was able to spend with the both of them I was privileged enough to receive guidance from Srī Arun Kumar Sharma in the tantric tradition his family has passed down for many generations. As far as I know we were the only two non-Indian students that he ever had.

Though he has since passed from this world his teachings are still available through Yogini Chinmayi and a few other select students of his. If you wish to discuss this further or contact me I am available anytime at kapalnath09@gmail.com.

Adesh Adesh

Kapal Nath

The path of Goddess

Join us for a 9-day trip to one of the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent. Varanasi (Benares) is located by the river Ganges, occupies a central place in the Hindu world pilgrimage tradition. The ghats in Varanasi are steps on the banks of the river, they are associated with imysterious legends and mythologies. Many yogis, ascetics, and masters, including Buddha lived and taught here.
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